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In my own home, nothing is quite so fulfilling as making simple, quick updates in a room - relocating art, adding new throw pillows to the family room, or a simple shift of furniture.  I love that good design can transform an out-of-the-box room into a space that’s infused with color, style, and personality.


I suspect that my appreciation of a beautifully designed home started at House & Home magazine.  It was one of my first jobs, and though as Publisher I worked on the operational side of the business, I loved its creative and vibrant environment.  More recently I’ve owned and operated Plum Gift Co., a bespoke gift company that creates and manages custom-gift programs.


In 2017 I was ready for a new challenge. Instead of managing a creative team I wanted to be immersed in the design process - from beginning to end -   so I went back to school and enrolled in design. Jennifer McLean Interiors is my newest endeavor and so far it’s ticking all the boxes.


If you’re ready for a change in your space, I’d love to help. Send me a quick email or text to get the process started.



Picture of Jennifer McLean
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